China 2005: Tempel und heilige Berge

Eine Reise von 1000 Meilen beginnt mit einem ersten Schritt. 


D0__May 11t

Departure from Berlin


D1__May 12th

 Arrive in Beijing .

Activities: Arrive in Beijing by international flight,

then receive warm welcome from our local guide,

then transfer to Beijing Songhe hotel ( 3***) .


D2 ___May 13th

Beijing City Tour


In the morning we will visit Baiyunguan Temple ( White Cloud Temple ) ,

which had long been the headquarter of China Taoism Association and

China Taoism Learning Institute. Here we will see quite a lot of magnificent statue of Taoism Gods and we will also communicate with some of the Taoist .

Visit the Summer Palace in the afternoon, which had been private garden

for former Royal family.

Night in Beijing Songhe hotel ( 3***). . B©


D3__May 14th

Beijing / Xi’an 


 Fly to Xi’an in the morning, then transfer to hotel .

In the afternoon visit Wild Goose Tower or free patrol in the street. 

Night in Bell Tower hotel . B©


D4__May 15th

Louguantai Daoism Exploration 


In the morning drive about 70kms to Louguantai,

which is the earliest Daoism Temple in China and said to be the meditation

of Daoism Founder Laosi.

Here we will see the Daoism temples as Laozi Tomb, Citing Scripture stage

And the pretty bamboo forest in Louguantai will also be interesting.

Return Xi’an in the late afternoon .

Night in Wannian Grand hotel . B©


D5__May 16th

Xi’an / Mt Huashan


Morning we will head for Mt Huashan in about 120km ‘s

driving. It is well known for its sharp peaks and dangerous trails. We will visit the famous Daoism temple, Yuquanyuan Temple firstly

in which we will see the relics of Chengchuan, one of the god in Taoism .

Then we will visit Xiyue Temple.

After diner , we will transfer to hotel at the feet of mountain .

Night in local Hotel . B©


D6__May 17th 

Mt Huashan Exploration


In the morning we will hike up to the North Peak, enjoy the pretty nature en route. Arrive in West Peak in the late afternoon.

Night in Lotus Hotel .  B©


D7__May 18th

Mt Huashan Exploration


Get up in the early morning and head for East Peak, where is the best place to watch Sunrise. Then continue to visit East peak, South peak, and middle peak.

Night in Lotus hotel .  B©

D8__May 19th

Mt Huashan / Luoyang


In the morning return North peak, then take cable car down the mountain .

After lunch, we will head for Luoyang . Transfer to hotel.

Night in Friendship Hotel of Luoyang . (3***)  B©


D9__May 20th

Luoyang Exploration


As one of the ancient capitals and important economy hub 1000 years ago,

Luoyang still leave us a lot relics worth of a visit . Firstly we will visit the White horse temple, which was the first Buddhism temple in China.

Then we will explore the Dragon Gate Grotto will show us

the marvelous sculpture of ancient China. 

Night in Friendship Hotel of Luoyang . (3***) .  B©


D10__May 21th

Luoyang / Shaolinsi Temple Visit


Head for Shaolin Temple in the morning,

then we will explore the mystery of why Chinese monks practiced the powerful Gongfu as well as keep as strong Buddhism virtue of being kind and helpful . Besides the temple we will visit the Pagoda forest .

Night in Dengfeng Shaolin International Hotel ( 3***) .  B©


D11__May 22nd

Shaolinsi / Shiyan


We will drive about 2 hours to Zhengzhou in the morning , then take T491 (15:06 / 21:52) to Shiyan .

Then we will spend a night in Nanhu Hotel . B©


D12__May 23rd

Mt Wudangshan Exploration


We will drive to Mt Wudang in the morning ,

The famous movie Crouch Dragon and leaping Tiger was shot hear.

We will visit Yuxu Palace firstly, then drive to Nanyan Palce.

In the road we will visit Laojuntang Hall , etc.

In the afternoon we will visit Nanyan Palace and Zixiao Palace. .

And we can communicate with local Daoism here.

Night in Xiangyu hotel. B©


D13__May 24th

Mt Wudangshan Exploration


WE will continue to explore the Taoism Temples and the pretty mountain today . We will hike up to its summit , visit Yellow Dragon Cave,

Tianzu Peak. Return to Nanyan .

Night in Xiangyu hotel .  B©


D14__May 25th

Mt Wudang Exploration 


We will continue to visit the mountain in the morning, then descend the mountain .

Night in local hotel . B©


D15__May 26th

Wudangshan / Xiangfan / Yichang


In the morning we will drive about 2 hours, then take the train of T 2115 ( 13:15/ 16:48 ) to Yichang .

Night in Yantze boat of Guobin ( National Guest , 3***) . B©


D16__ May 27th

Yichang / Chongqing Yangtze Excursion


 We will cruise down the Yantze river. The Stone Village, Minor Three Gorges peaks, Dam, all will make your travel exiting .

Night in boat.  BLD ©


D17__ May 28th

Yichang / Chongqing Yangtze Excursion

Night in boat.  BLD ©


D18__ May 29th

Yichang / Chongqing Yangtze Excursio

Night in boat.  BLD ©


D19__ May 30th

Chongqing / Dazu 


 Arrive in Chongqing in the morning.

Then we will have a bird’s eye view of Chongqing in Elin Park, then head for Dazu. We will explore the Buddhism Grotto of Dazu in Baodingshan .

The rich colors of sculpture and statue will show us the magnificence in other aspect.

Night in Dazu hotel ( 3***) . B© 


D20__May 31th

Dazu / Chengdu City tour  


Drive to Chengdu in the morning, then head for Guanghan , here we will visit Sanxingdui Museum , which will show us the mysterious civilization existed in Yangtze 4000 years ago.

Night in Jiulong hotel ( Nine Dragon Hotel) ( 3***). B©


D21__June 1rst

Chengdu / Mt Qingchengshan


In the morning we will visit the Panda Breeding Research Base ,

then head for Mt Qingcheng. We will explore the Daoism temples at the feet of mountain , then hike up to the mountain .

Then we will explore the Heaven Master’s Cave .

Night in local Guesthouse.  B©


D22__June 2nd

Mt Qingcheng / Dujiangyan Dam / Chengdu


In the morning we will continue to hike up to the Summit of mountain, and explore the temples there.

Then we will descend the mountain in the afternoon by cable car,

then visit Dujiangyan Dam.

Return to Chengdu in the late afternoon .

Night in Nine Dragon Hotel ( 3***)  B©


D23__June 3rd

Chengdu / Leshan / Emei


Drive about one 2 hours , we will arrive in Leshan.

Here the largest Stone Statue of Buddha in the world sits in the turbulent joint of three rivers.

We will make a river cruise to enjoy the wonder of “ Mountain is a sleeping Buddha and Stone Buddha sits in its heart “ .

Continue to drive half an hour in the late afternoon ,and we will arrive at the feet of Mt Emei.

Night in Phonex Lake hotel ( 3***) . B©


D24 __June 4th

Mt Emei Exploration .


In the morning we will begin our Buddhism exploration in Mt Emei by

Hiking. Explore Fuhu temple, destination is Hongchunping .

Night in local guesthouse or temple . B©


D25__June 5th

Mt Emei Exploration


We will continue to hike today and the destination is Washing Elephant

Pond. Enjoy the pretty nature and temples en route.

Night in local guesthouse or temple. B©


D26__June 6th

Mt Emei Exploration


Today we will arrive at the summit of Mt Emei , Jinding.

Night in Golden Summit Hotel ( 3***) B©


D27__June 7th

Mt Emei / Chengdu


In the morning we will get up early to watch the possible sun rising or cloudy sea. Then descend mountain after breakfast. Return to Chengdu in the afternoon.

Evening flight to Beijing


D28__June 8th


Activities: Free time, Lama temple

Night in Songhe hotel . B©


D29__June 9th

Beijing Departure 

Bid a farewell to China, fly back to your warm home . B©